Santa Barbara Engineers

With a background in residential concrete and framing, Litchfield Builders has seen engineering standards in California change drastically over the last 20 years. Home design has evolved to ensure against problems like soil settlement, wind load, and earthquakes. The result is a more soundly-built home that will stand the test of time.

Litchfield Builders has experience working with engineers and architects to make sure the structural design gels with the intended architectural design. One common problem in exposed beam framing can be working around the large Simpson column bases and caps used to connect these beams. A simple alternative is a custom-welded concealed “knife plate” that retains the structural integrity of the bolted connection while still adhering to the intended design of a clean-looking beam connection. Litchfield Builders cares about the end result of the project. So details like this are extremely important to us.


Steve was the supervisor on our major home remodel in 2005/06, and more recently has been our “estate manager.” As the supervisor on our project, he always had a “can do” attitude, came up with creative solutions, kept his cool in stressful situations, maintained an outstanding working relationship with our design team and subcontractors, and exhibited excellent follow through. As our estate manager, Steve identifies areas in the home that need attention and maintenance, identifies the appropriate subcontractors and service people, coordinates their schedules, and follows up to be sure all work is completed well. He is also an extremely talented builder and is able to perform much work himself.