Santa Barbara Architects


During the plan development phase, its helpful to have a building professional evaluate the plan for constructability and value-engineering options. Litchfield Builders will offer free initial consultation with you and your clients to pre-plan aspects of the project like:

  • HVAC and mechanical systems routing. Most times the Structural design does not allow for routing of large air ducts or drain lines. If this is planned for during the design phase then the project can move more swiftly and change orders can be avoided once construction begins.

  • Equipment mobilization. A lot of sites in Santa Barbara have challenging access issues. If a crane or use of smaller excavation equipment needs to be used because a site is inaccessible then this can substantially affect the cost of construction.

  • Value-engineering. If an aspect of a project is proving to be cost-prohibitive there is usually several alternatives to discuss that will not compromise quality or design. Litchfield Builders has over 15 years experience building in Santa Barbara’s high-end home market and possesses an intimate knowledge of what things cost to build.

  • Accurate job-costing. Over the years, we’ve built a comprehensive scope of work that covers everything involved in a construction project. It contains more detail than most any other general contractor so that you and your client know exactly what is included in the total bid. Litchfield Builders also solicits no less than three subcontractor and vendor bids for each task of the project. This helps ensure your client is getting the best value.

  • Waterproofing. This is a crucial element to home construction. The technology and methods are constantly evolving and we are always educating ourselves on this topic. With today’s homes being sealed up like a Tupperware container, any water intrusion can mean accelerated mold growth and rot. Waterproofing details are always at the forefront of any discussion about exterior cladding and/or drainage.

I have found Steve very fair price wise, responsive and all the subs he has used have been of very good quality.