Santa Barbara Homeowners

Litchfield Builders has over 15 years of experience working on homes in the Santa Barbara area.  Because of the year-round mild climate, many people are lulled into a sense of security about their homes and how they perform in inclement weather.  The truth is Santa Barbara has a very diverse climate; from the hot, dry weather up in the foothills area to the cool, moist atmosphere of the beach communities.  Homes perform differently in those two diverse climates and they have to be built according to their specific surroundings.

Heavy timber deck being constructed by Litchfield Builders in the Eucalyptus Hill ‘Extreme High Fire’ zone. Note the 6” framing members and the 3” thick deck boards. Heavy timbers are more likely to survive a wildfire than standard 2” framing and decking.

Also, it doesn’t rain much in Southern California but we can get the occasional winter storm that drops 2-3 inches of rain in a short period of time.  Combine this with some strong southerly winds and you have the potential for some major leaks where there wasn’t any before.

One final element to consider is the high-fire areas of the foothills. Recent wildfires destroyed hundreds of homes in 2008 and 2009.  The local building codes were drastically improved to help prevent future homes from being destroyed again.  Also, any remodeling (including decks) must conform to the new codes.  Litchfield Builders has experience building and remodeling homes in these high-fire areas and can help you outfit your home against the threat of future wildfires.

Litchfield Builders also has experience working with estate managers and personal assistants on their clients’ homes.  We can offer an ongoing maintenance plan or just work on an as-needed basis for specific repairs and projects.  Our depth in knowledge of home construction and the available trades and resources in Santa Barbara will help you better manage your clients’ homes.

The attention to detail was exemplary. We have done many projects with other contractors and he ranks at the top.