Steve Litchfield did some significant work on the San Roque area property, including adding a bathroom and remodeling a second. He worked with a draftsperson who was able to get us an over the counter permit for the projects. He found some work that had been done without permit that had weakened the supporting joists, causing squeaking and a little sagging and repaired this (new structural beam was required.) Steve also installed insulation, a window and a very quiet HVAC unit for the second floor, and was very patient with the HOA's requests for specs.

Steven Kreiner

We had a small room attached to the garage built. Steve kept us informed about what the workers were doing and when they would be doing it. He answered all questions in a timely fashion. He went with us to Home Depot to help us decide on the fixtures, as to which would work and to keep us within budget. He was very helpful in the building process. We would hire him again when we have other work to do.

Anderson Cooper

We hired Litchfield Builders for both indoor and outdoor projects. Steve Litchfield was on-site continually and always accessible and responsive. His sub-contractors were efficient, highly qualified, and professional. The attention to detail was exemplary. We have done many projects with other contractors and he ranks at the top.

Dede Deck

I have used Steve on several projects. One was a remodel of our family room, complete with bar and a half bath. The subs he used were first rate. Our built in cabinets are terrific. Counter tops are outstanding. When our master bedroom closet started retaining water, I had service master out, another contractor, and then Steve. Steve found the source of the problem (they did not), and fixed the closet before it turned into a disaster structurally. He also built an arbor, side patio and firepit for us. Excellent work. Steve produced all on time, and on budget. He stayed in touch with us throughout the projects. I have found Steve very fair price wise, responsive and all the subs he has used have been of very good quality. These projects spanned 3 years: 2009-2012

Stina Hans

Steve and his crew done from small, detailed jobs to large, complicated projects for our home in Santa Barbara, CA. He is totally trustworthy and dependable. He also has been maintaining our home for the past 6 moths since we've been traveling a lot. He has just set up a regular maintenance schedule to keep our home in top shape. I wish I had done this before. He treats our home like his own. I would highly recommend him. He also has amazing contacts to save time and money, He is modest, honest and committed to his profession. He is also very calm and easy to get along with.

A. Grant

Steve was the supervisor on our major home remodel in 2005/06, and more recently has been our "estate manager." As the supervisor on our project, he always had a "can do" attitude, came up with creative solutions, kept his cool in stressful situations, maintained an outstanding working relationship with our design team and subcontractors, and exhibited excellent follow through. As our estate manager, Steve identifies areas in the home that need attention and maintenance, identifies the appropriate subcontractors and service people, coordinates their schedules, and follows up to be sure all work is completed well. He is also an extremely talented builder and is able to perform much work himself.

Don Ferg

Litchfield Builders has worked with me on several projects in my home. Litchfield's subs are clean, respectful to my time requests and efficient in completing the job at hand. Steve Litchfield is attentive to the nature of the project and has offered great ideas to improve the outcome of the project. The quotes and costs were right on target.

Cid Frank

Steve and his crew did an amazing job remodeling our garage and building an indoor closet. As unexpected issues came up, he didn't just overlook the problem but worked with us to resolve it to insure our safety and structural integrity. I would recommend his service.

Dave Shrontz

I truly can't recommend Steve Litchfield enough. He is honest, capable, experienced and courteous. I think of him as a son.

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